Monday, January 6, 2014

Rustic Wedding Ideas

More and more weddings now, are leaning towards rustic elegance. While still being beautiful and lavish, they give a sense of home...of comfort...and of the beauty of togetherness and memories. My husband and I had a beautiful wedding, but I do wish that we could do it again,
so that we could have one of these beautiful rustic and handmade affairs, they fit our personalities to a "t". Since I know that it will never happen, I will just dream with some of my favorite etsy finds, and my best friend named...pinterest. So, care to join me, and drool a bit, over such finds?!

I am gaga over the idea of sparkelers at an evening wedding, how awesome would the glow of a bunch of sparklers be?! I am still thrilled with a bunch...Pure magic! These galvanized tins, with this cute little plaque that I found on etsy, are adorable. They can be found, along with a bunch of other awesome stuff at River Road Rustics on etsy.

These garters are sweet, and sassy, while totally elegant.

They can be found at Cowboy Couture on etsy.

These flower center pieces, are simple, yet elegant, and are just to die for in the lace wrapped milk bottle.

They can be found at Curious Floral Crafts on etsy.

The above flowers, with some of these awesome antique pearl and twine decorated candles around them, would be exquisite!

These can be found at Soiree Supply on etsy.

The handpainted signs, are just such a sweet touch, and when you add a small vase of freshly picked flowers, how could you ever go wrong?!

This uber sweet sign can be found at Pine N Sign on etsy.

These sweet little burlap clutches with a button closure, would make adorable bridesmaid gifts, don't you think?!

And to me, this sweet little box, is SO much better than a ring pillow, that you won't be able to reuse.

This amazing find, is at The Paper Walrus on etsy.

And last but not least, I have to of course, give my shop a shout out as's mine...and quite frankly...I'm awesome.

Here are a few of the rustic designs, we have in stock currently, and of course, I am always willing to do custom work, upon request. You can find us here at

*End shamless self promotion.*

Happy rustic wedding planning to all you beautiful and creative brides!

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