Sunday, August 12, 2012

A .com Kind of Day

Today, is a VERY exciting day! Ink A Dink Designs, now has a " .com" after it! It is officially starting to come together. I have been working my tail off to complete the site, to the point where I think it's okay to publish it. When will it be complete....never. Is this THE design...for now. What can I say? I'm a designer, I get bored QUICKLY...hence the white background, so I can at least change up my logo as I see fit, in a timely manner. Not to mention, my design preference, is all over the bored. I love vintage, I love mod, I love clean and streamlined, I love shabby is what it is...a beautiful modge podge of eye catching  interests, embellishments, and techniques, so again I will never be complete!

That is one reason I love designing, especially for special occasions. I can change my mind at the drop of a hat, edit, and build to my hearts content. There are times when I like a design, and I keep it for awhile, and then later, I revamp it. It is amazing how a few techniques and changes, can impact a design in a completely different way. Just as when you are decorating a room, each accent piece brings new life.

I have an honest appreciation for those of us who do creating on a small scale, from our own "studios." We aren't out to mass produce, and design, just for the profit. We do what we do, with a passion, and connect with our clients in a completely different way. It can easily become all about the numbers, as so many things can, and it is important to keep a level head on your shoulders, and not lose your vision. I personally have a deep love for etsy, I have corresponded with so many wonderful people, that are there doing the same thing that I am. We just want to keep our sanity, and do our thing. To each his own, in this loving and artistic community. Which is how I often like to live my life, to each his own. I wouldn't enjoy working for a high corporate entity, where I wasn't free to be who I am, and do what I do. I don't seek things out to "harsh my mellow," so I know, I wouldn't last long doing anything but, what I am doing.

I LOVE that I can be apart of peoples events, because, it's not just a birthday party, and it's not just a baby shower, it's setting the tone, for memories. Which to me, is a VERY important part of living. I could not be more grateful to have been able to be a part of so many peoples lives in the last year that I have started this venture, even if it's for something, as small, or HUGE, as what they are planning.

So a big thank you, to all who have supported my artistic heart, and i hope you enjoy the new Ink A Dink

Your Wedding Isn't JUST a day!

A day is not always, JUST a day!

Your wedding day is never JUST a day. It's a memory! One of the (hopefully) best ones that you will ever have! There are lots of different approaches, and whether it's traditional, or not, it needs to be completely YOU! A day that represents both you and your partner, your love, your favorite things, your style! From every detail, including color palettes, invitations, themes, decorations, diy, and beyond. So many times, a wedding can become a battleground, among parents, grandparents, in-laws-to-be, and even fiances! But, it always works out. Try not to sweat the small stuff, and to be as present as you can. We are constantly creating memories, so lets try to make the best of them!

You're Engaged! Yay!
Now....what the hell do you do next?!

  • Choose Your Date!

Simple right?! Plenty of things come into play with this seemingly simple task. Some things to ponder..

What season do I want this joyous occasion to occur?! Do NOT.... I repeat DO NOT! Go so crazy over the "if we do this in June the Bee's will be crazy, but if we do it in March, it will most likely be raining, and if we do it in October, it will be chilly, and..." See The trend here?! No matter what month it is, there will be some kind of downfall. So unless you plan to enclose all the guests in a bubble, with your entire wedding party, and your huge ball gown style, empire waist dress, with the hand beaded satin bodice, with the thermostat set to a perfect 75 degrees, and those special lights that mimic the sun.... make your peace that, unfortunately...things happen.

"March 10th is perfect!!!!"
Well, your venue may not think so. Well, they do think so, if you will take the opening they have 3 years later. Key point here....maybe go with a MONTH or season and not the exact date, that way disappointment isn't as likely of a scenario.

  • Find Your Venue!

Very important, in fact, sometimes, this should come before choosing your date. If you know the exact spot that your dream wedding should take place, CALL! If the only time they have available is in the winter, when you dreamed of spring. Decide which of those things is more important. Sometimes we have to make slight adjustments to our "dream" weddings. It can still be a just may take on a new form.

  • Will You Be My...

Choosing your wedding party can sometimes be rough, other times a breeze! Choose the people who mean the most, family, friends, those who are supportive, and helpful, and not as pretty as you... I kid, I kid!

  • Save The Dates

Choose the relative feeling of your wedding, peruse Ink A Dink Designs (**blush** yes, I totally and shamelessly entered that) for your favorite save the date or wedding suite. Don't forget our custom designs (Doh! Totally did it again!) Then, order!

  • The Dress!

Yeah, this is soooo fun, and so excruciating, you will almost no doubt try on a billion, that you think are gorgeous, but then cry, because you fear you will never find "the one," just as you had not so long ago, about finding your fiance. BUT, in the same way, you will, and when it happens you will know...and then will cry again.

  • Flowers, Get Your Flowers!

Another toughie. Have you EVER sat down to think about how many different kinds of flowers there are! Or even roses for that matter?! Well...nows not the time, choose colors and leave. (Again, I kid). Browse websites looking at different style arrangements, print out examples you like, and bring them in to your appointment with the florist. You will probably pick out something completely out of the price range you were going for, so don't be shocked! Ask them how you can achieve that desired look, on your budget! They are a wealth of information!

  • Are You Coming?!

Plan your guest list, and always keep your budget in mind! No sarcastic thoughts, or any tips with this one....just do it.

  • Music, Photos, Video, Transportation, and Don't Forget Your Relatives!

Band...DJ...photographer and so on...get some referrals, ask your friends on facebook, or go to a site to check out your local vendors (such as.theknot) read reviews, set up appointments, and ask if there is an event coming up where you can view/hear their performance (if for a band or dj, or for ceremony music), or view portfolios both online and in person, if you haven't already seen their work (if it's a photographer, or videographer). Decide on transportation from place to place, bus, limo, classic car, horse drawn carriage, a bicycle built for two...whatever floats your boat! Also...out of town guests need a place to stay. Visit hotels close to your reception site, and talk to them about booking discount rooms for your event. If your event is smack dab in the middle of "Wedding season" hotels are often booked, so get a move on it, or the out of town guests will be rooming with you!

  • Book, Book, Book!

Have several options of vendors to choose from, and call your favorite IMMEDIATELY! If they are especially good, (and even if they aren't ) they go fast!

  • More Dresses and Suits!

Yes, there is more than just finding your dress, or your grooms perfect tux! Speaking of which....make sure he does it, and soon! Boys tend to procrastinate....especially when it has to do with shopping. I think it may be a genetic misfortune for all males..and for their brides to be. When shopping for a bridesmaid dress, take into consideration...your flowers, your colors, your event style/theme/feeling, and very important, their body types! Some dresses do not flatter one as they do another. Some options: several different styles in the same color, the maid of honor in a completely different (but coordinating color) dress. Different dresses, but something that all ties them together, such as a sash. Also...not a horrible idea, to order them a little loose, where they have the ability to have it taken in, if needed. You can take a dress in, you can NOT let it out!

  • Honey, I Need To Get Away...

Start planning that honeymoon! Even if it's just for a few nights at the comfort inn suites down the street. After all the hustle and bustle, and planning, you need some time to relax and unwind, and enjoy each other.

  • This Takes The Cake!

Look at cake designs and get some examples, book some appointments for tastings with the decorator, and look at their past work. Also, talk to you reception site venue. Often they have their own cakes, and/or will charge you a cutting fee for the cake you have brought in. Don't be to concerned about the size of your cake, sheet cakes are very often kept in the back, and cut and served, not only is it cheaper, but no one ever knows!

  • Your Company Is Requested!

Mail your invitations about 2 months ahead of the date!

  • Going To the Chapel, So You Need a Marriage License!

Apply for your marriage license in the county that you will be getting married in, AT LEAST a month before the event.

  • You Can't Seat Your Mother With Mine!
The guest list can actually pose some interesting dilemmas, so be careful, and don't leave a stone un-turned! Anyone not get along? Out of town relatives who haven't seen each other in ages...for a reason.... Republicans and Democrats....ok ok, a lot of times things aren't actually that big of a deal, but they will seem that way, to your already exhausted and stressed out self, so allow yourself time for this project.

These are all very important parts of planning, and I haven't covered everything, but just try, try, try, to accentuate the positive, and eliminate the negative. It will all turn out!

So get planning, and enjoy yourself, laugh whenever possible, and if you get NOTHING else out of this blog post, just get this....

Purchase your invites and printable accessories at Ink A Dink Designs.
Ok...that is all...but it...I need the money....for my dying cat....just kidding, I don't have a cat.