Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I've Been Stalked!

I've been stalked, and I do not feel at all violated!

 I was so surprised and thrilled, when I received an e-mail this afternoon from Violet, one of the curators of "Etsy Stalkers". It is always an honored to have your work be noticed, but honestly, I think the biggest honor, was receiving her e-mail, that read, "Keep up the good work." Recognition like that, as seemingly simple as it is to the writer, writing it. Means the world, to those of us, who are working from home, and not a huge firm of some sort. Nothing can make you happier, than just hearing that someone thinks your work is worth something, to someone else. That sort of validation, makes everything worth while, even on the crummiest day. Just to hear, you did a good job on something, that little pat on the back, makes you feel, on top of the world! So, a big "THANK YOU" to Etsy Stalkers, for stalking me. No night vision goggles required, stalk away!